Corporate & Business Tax

  • Accounting services to non-audit clients
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Employment compensation & Benefits
  • Payroll services
  • Tax controversy/investigations/litigations
  • Tax incentives
  • All other Corporate & Business tax services
  • Indirect Tax (inc. Sales Tax)
  • Transfer Pricing

Corporate income tax can represent a substantial outflow of funds from your business. A company not properly attuned to its tax environment may never truly realize its full potential, however agile, efficient and progressive it may be. Increased corporate tax and regulatory reporting requirements can be a drain on management time. A more investigative approach by the tax authorities can increase the risk of penalties for non-compliance.
The combination of these factors is likely to result in a tax burden on your business that is higher than you would like it to be. We see the active management of corporate tax issues as a core business discipline. We help businesses manage their tax charge and risks. Our services are designed to help companies get to grips with the complexities involved in the easiest possible way – often using very simple strategies.
Effective tax compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing any business. Get it wrong, and you risk time consuming investigations and penalties. Inefficient compliance may also mean that your company is paying too much tax, or paying too high a cost for the compliance process. Managing your compliance processes can put an ever-growing burden on your company.
S.M. Suhail & Co. tax may offer assistance in the field of compliance formalities by focusing on providing the following core services:

  • Advice on your approach to tax governance, corporate tax compliance, management of your tax risk and your relationship with the tax authorities
  • Support in designing your approach to tax data extraction and analysis
  • Preparation, review and submission of corporate tax returns
  • Assistance in tax accounting and provision preparation and review for financial reporting purposes
  • Related domestic tax planning advice; and
  • Help with tax authorities’ inquiries and dispute resolution.