Shariah Audits

We assist the Islamic Finance Organizations, which are growing globally very fast like Takaful Operators, Window Takaful Operators and etc., in establishing the systems and procedures to assess the Shariah Compliance Framework and its effective implementation within the organization as required under the relevant statute, where for example Rule No. 30 of the Takaful Rules, 2012 requires to have Shariah Audit each year through External Shariah Auditor. Shariah Audit Function is the key pillar of the Shariah Compliance Framework in any Islamic Financial Institutions. It provides assurance to the public / stakeholders independently by ensuring the effective implementation of the Shariah principles and guidelines on its product & services offered by Islamic Financial Institutions including Takaful Operator / Window Takaful operators as formulated by its Shariah Advisors. We independently assess and objectively assure the sound and effective internal control system for Shariah Compliance through which the role of Shariah Risk in the Risk Management framework can be improved.