Tax Compliance and Advisory

Experienced tax experts and professionals provide the best opinions and appropriate advice on tax issues within the parameters of applicable tax laws. Our tax and allied services include:

Income Tax

  • Advisory on complex and technical issues on income tax matters.
  • Tax advisory services to local and foreign entrepreneurs on doing business in Pakistan.
  • Planning, preparation and filling of tax returns, wealth statement along with supporting statements and filing of the same with the Income-tax Department;
  • Advising in connection with the advance payment of tax.
  • Assisting the legal counsel in preparing of appeals to the higher courts.
  • Preparation and filing of appeals against assessment and representing clients before the tax authorities during assessment proceedings for finalization of assessment, if applicable, and obtaining assessment orders, reviewing the same and advising thereon.
  • Formulation of tax planning and strategy for the coming period/ year;
  • Obtaining nil and reduced withholding tax certificates and tax exemptions, where applicable, from the concerned authorities.
  • Obtaining National Tax Number Certificate;
  • Managing the tax affairs of the client’s personnel, including filing of monthly and annual returns relating to personnel on behalf of the client.

Sales Tax

  • Advising on the implications of the sales tax regime and changes thereto as regulated by the Sales Tax Act, 1990 and the promulgations made here under.
  • Obtaining exemptions on import of plant and machinery.
  • Advisory on complex and technical issues on sales tax matters.
  • Advising on the book-keeping and invoicing requirements under the Sales tax Act, 1990.
  • Managing a full fledged sales tax accounting function, under outsourcing arrangement.
  • Obtaining sales tax registration or enrollment.
  • Assistance in preparing and filing of monthly sales tax returns and maintaining sales tax records.
  • Assistance in preparation of returns/ documents required to be filed with the Sales Tax Authorities.
  • Providing professional assistance in determination of sales tax liability and submission of returns.
  • Routine consultancy, which includes advising on the queries in respect to interpretation of the legal requirements and assistance in completing requirements in connection with Sales Tax Audit and liaison with Sales Tax Auditors.

Corporate Tax

  • Advising clients on Tax planning opportunities to manage their liabilities. Tax planning refers to a situation where a transaction is articulated, or a structure is managed in a manner that will reduce the tax liability without evading any tax. 
  • Support in designing your approach to tax data extraction and analysis.
  • Preparation, review and submission of corporate tax returns.
  • Advice on your approach to tax governance, corporate tax compliance, management of your tax risk and your relationship with the tax authorities.
  • Help with tax authorities’ inquiries and dispute resolution. 
  • Assistance in tax accounting and provision preparation and review for financial reporting purposes.
  • Related domestic tax planning advice.
  • When it comes to corporate tax compliance, we make it personal, understanding your objectives, systems, culture and tax risk, because that is the best way to approach tax compliance for your business.