Information Risk Management

It is constant challenge for companies to balance their business goals with the business risks of using (or not using) technology.
Our Information Risk Management (IRM) services provide audit and advisory services to organizations in many industry segments. IRM services help organizations identify and manage technology, operational and regulatory –related risks that may impact their business systems and processes.
If you are undergoing rapid growth, have large, complex information systems or are implementing new technologies or e-commerce strategies, we can help you identify and control the associated IT risks so you can meet your strategic and financial goals.

Business System Controls

We can help organizations verify that optimal systems controls relating to major application are in place and operating effectively. Our professionals use proven tools and methodologies, combined with detailed knowledge of major enterprise resource packages, to help implement targeted, practical processes that provide greater security and controls, as well as increased functionality. We provide four component services that can be applied at any phase of an implementation and can be delivered individually or in combination:

  • Business Process Controls
  • Security Controls IT
  • Operational Controls Data
  • Quality/Integrity Controls