Human Resource Consulting

SMSCO knows that the cost can be quite high if things don’t work out with your new hire. The entire process will repeat all over again. We, therefore, adopt every possible precaution and direct resources to providing the best hiring service to our clients. While providing the service we ensure that our independence from other sectors should not be impaired.

As Human Resource Consultants we provide following vast range of services:

  • Human Resources Planning based on the needs and available resources of the client and their future plans;
  • Performing the Job Analysis and designing the Job description;
  • Human Resources Recruitment & Selection, where we involve our clients too;
  • Employee Outsourcing for specific jobs either on ad-hoc or permanent basis;
  • Evaluating the performance of employees and give recommendation for managing it, we also provide our services to manage your human resources completely;
  • Providing training and Career Development Plans;
  • Planning the Compensation & Benefits and providing a system to plan benefits; and
  • Initiating and establishing Human Resources Training Programs.