H.R Services

H.R Services

i. Human Capital:

Our human capital professionals are far more than just HR consultants — they are broad-based business consultants who specialize in integrating people issues with business strategy. We have the depth and breadth to assist with large-scale change in ownership and ERP installations, as well as singular program designs. By developing new tools and methodologies, our people can assist your organization’s performance, productivity and profitability.

1. Corporate Culture:

We advise management on developing and strengthening corporate culture. Our services in this area include developing organizational mission and values, core competencies and motivational factors, preparing appraisal system, developing policies, procedures and implementation services.

2. Executive search:

We provide executive search employing latest selection techniques based on competencies required for any particular job and motivational fits with the organization. We maintain an extensive database of potential employees enabling fast identification of suitable candidates for senior and middle level management positions.

3. Compensation Consulting:

We conduct salary surveys, carry out studies for benchmarking of compensation against market trends and advise clients on compensation policies to attract and retain the best talent.

ii. Outsourcing:

Outsourcing has become a dominant trend in the marketplace with benefits highlighted as being:

  • Enabling management to concentrate on its strategic objectives;
  • Increasing flexibility of management for organizational change; and
  • Increasing effectiveness of services provided, as specialists, can command and use tools and expertise unavailable to the organization without significant effort and cost.

We provide outsourcing services to help our clients optimize the performance of important, but non-core business functions. We provide the qualified staff, technology resources and best practice business processes in areas such as financial back office, human resources, tax and applications management. In addition, we offer outsourcing advisory services that help our clients effect significant change at reduced cost and risk. We provide our outsourcing services onsite, offsite and offshore— as dictated by our clients’ needs.

iii. People and change Services:

Our People and Change Division has assisted client organizations adapt to the changing environment by working with them to develop best practices in human resource management including developing proactive HR policies and procedures aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining good quality staff.