Fraud is one of the most difficult risks to detect but is a widespread, ever-evolving and costly threat to the finances and reputations of many organizations. S.M. Suhail & Co. forensic specialists provide robust and practical advice on reducing reputation risk and commercial losses.

Using the latest technology to detect suspicious behaviors and anomalies, we act quickly to investigate suspected or actual fraud and to recover losses. We can help clients in commercial disputes to reach a satisfactory negotiated settlement. In the event of regulatory non-compliance, respond on clients’ behalf to inquries on property, licenses and contracts for valuation purposes.

The financial sector has been growing at a fast pace in Pakistan. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, financial institutions have been introducing innovative products, fast and streamlined claims processing and multiple distribution channels including loan assurance, sales agents and the internet. The sheer number of stakeholders and the money involved in the financial sector make it highly susceptible to fraud and misconduct of various types, often resulting in financial losses, loss of reputation and possible regulatory action. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that fraud accounts for 10 percent of the property/financial damage. However, like any other business risk, fraud can be effectively controlled through an appropriate risk management strategy.