Company Incorporation and Compliance

i. Corporate Regulatory compliance:

We evaluate current compliance policies and procedures; provide advice on design of the compliance function and the role of the board, audit committee, and management; and, when appropriate, assist with the design and implementation of specific reporting systems, process requirements, and compliance programs.

ii. Corporate Governance:

It is designed to help any organization manage the risks inherent in the governance process. Assess governance structure in the context of the business environment and business risks, focusing on such areas as improving board operations, embedding governance principles in corporate culture, monitoring and evaluation, and stewardship.

iii. Corporate and Secretarial Services:

Our corporate and secretarial services cater to the various compliance requirements of our clients. The corporate services that we provide to our clients include:

    • Advice and assistance in setting up of corporate structures
    • Assistance in incorporation of companies
    • Flotation, liquidation and winding up of joint stock companies and completion of formalities relating thereto
    • Dealing on behalf of clients with the various government bodies related to corporate legislation as the Corporate Law Authority, Monopoly Control Authority and Ministry of Finance
    • Providing corporate technical advice and secretarial services in completing documents and acting as company secretary
    • Provision of services of obtaining relevant permissions relating to foreign investment and operation of foreign companies in Pakistan from government agencies including Board of Investment (BOI)

iv. Regulatory and Compliance Service:

The recent changes in governance culture and corporate governance regulations have enhanced the need for a compliance function. Our specifically trained people can help you in:

1. Regulatory Assistance Services:

We can help organizations assess financial controls, identify deficiencies, and implement enhanced controls and practices. Specifically, our audit professionals can help ensure that the organization is compliant with the latest requirements and other relevant regulatory mandates. Services provided include, but are not limited to:

        • Performance of attestation examinations with respect to management’s assertions on the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting
        • Internal control reports required for inclusion in the annual reports

2. Regulatory and Management Investigation:

We can help identify, verify, and even prevent breaches of regulatory requirements. Investigate whether, how, and why an organization may have failed to meet regulatory requirements; provide recommendations for improvements in structures, processes, and controls; and facilitate a positive relationship with regulators.