S.M. Suhail & Co.’s Audit helps organizations and individual through measuring performance, managing risks, and leveraging knowledge.
The financial statement audit is the cornerstone of Audit Services. Our audit methodology is a fully risk-based methodology for financial statement audits. Our proprietary software tools and knowledge-based applications bring the power of knowledge to our audits. Our professionals are equipped with comprehensive information on industry trends and the business issues that increase risk to our clients.
S.M Suhail & Co.’s audit focuses on business issues retaining the basic audit procedure that tests the information contained in the financial statements. Our approach, which is grounded in the market dynamics of our clients, helps ensure that our judgments are both relevant and insightful. We determine the quality of our audit opinion through a powerful combination of professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior, underpinned by rigorous quality control procedures. This approach is supported by some of the leading processes, technologies and tools that assist our teams to access knowledge focus on the issues that impact on our audit judgments and improve the efficiency of the audit. The overall result is an independent and incisive view attesting to the quality of the information provided.

Services offered include:

  • Statutory Audits
  • System Audits
  • Special Audits – Assignments
  • Cost Audits etc.

Non-Audit Assurance services

  • Assurance on performance
  • Due diligence
  • Assurance on controls
  • Assurance on consumption pattern etc.

Other Audit assignments:

  • Tax Audit
  • Provident Funds Audit
  • Gratuity Funds Audit
  • Workers Profit Participation Funds Audit, etc.